The Chicano Movement was more than just a civil rights movement. It was a movement for social change and social justice that sought to eradicate racial discrimination and subordination of Mexican Americans on multiple fronts: cultural, economic, education and political in the five southwestern states of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas and beyond.

In San Antonio the Chicano Movement spurred the formation of a plethora of organizations that waged sustained struggle on these fronts for more than a decade. Their struggle transformed race relations and local politics in San Antonio that had persisted since the separation of Texas from Mexico. This website will collect and document the history of these organizations and the activists that formed them. A partial listing of these organizations appears below.

San Antonio Chicano Movement Organizations 1966-1980

Barrios Unidos, Bilingual Bicultural Coalition on Mass Media, Brown Berets, Cassiano Park Neighborhood Council, Federation for the Advancement of Mexican Americans (FAMA), IMAGE, Chicanas in Action (CIA), Columbia Heights Neighborhood Council, Committee for Barrio Betterment, Committee for Relevant and Alternative Education (CARE), Edgewood Concerned Parents Association, Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO), Raza Unida Party, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project, and Teatro/Universidad de los Barrios.